Family Programs
The needs of the family are always addressed at MTOCC and are often a critical factor in successful treatment. Our goal is to help foster a family system that is supportive of treatment. We provide an opportunity for the family as a whole to begin to reorganize a mutually satisfying and productive interaction.

Adolescent Prevention Program
The Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention Program focuses on the awareness of drug abuse and places it within the social context of adolescents. An educational component is provided to demonstrate how drugs affect one’s body and life, and how individual can acquire the skills to make informed decisions about drug use. The program utilizes the group process in peer groups, parents’ groups, and multi-family groups. We espouse therapeutic approach that emphasizes motivational enhancement and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Partial Care Programs
The goal of this program is to prevent relapse by providing mentoring and continuous treatment to foster community integration, independence and employment once sobriety has been achieved.