Family Program is crucial for clients and their families’ recovery. The needs of the family are always addressed at MTOCC and are often a significant aspect in successful treatment. The program is based on the premise that when the client returns to the family environment, the dynamics of the family will change. Therefore, our goal is to help treat a variety of issues affecting the family dynamic. Our treatments cover but are not limited to the following:

  • Parent-Child Conflicts
  • Substance abuse within a family
  • Issues surrounding merging of families
  • Bereavement
  • Disengagement of Family Cohesion
  • Interfamilial disputes
  • Jealousy/Insecurity
  • Chronic/Terminal Illness of a family member
  • Religious/Spiritual Conflict
  • Divorce/Separation

We offer an opportunity for the family to begin to restructure mutually fulfilling and productive interaction. The program provides psycho-education, support and multi-family therapy. Family services are provided as added value, because we know that they are important component to our clients’ overall well-being.