For those whose anger has negatively impacted their daily life (e.g. injuring others or self, constant interpersonal conflicts, legal conflicts, loss of respect from self and others, and destruction of property), MTOCC’s professional anger management treatment can be the solution toward an overall healthier lifestyle. Anger management treatment doesn’t just reduce emotional and mental tension, it has been proven to help reduce stress, heart disease and immune deficiencies. The goals of our anger management program include:

  • Verbalizing increased awareness of anger expressions patterns and their origins.
  • Learning how to cope with anger rather than having the explosive expression of anger.
  • Learning to resolve conflicts without hating or hurting or humiliating others
  • Using therapeutic counseling to effectively examine emotional reactions, and interpreting situations in a less hostile way.
  • Helping reduce irrational ideas and paranoid thinking.
  • Controlling immediate impulses and considering the consequences of actions.

There are always going to be people and situations that do not hold up to your expectations and values. These techniques take practice to learn, and the fundamentals are taught by a licensed professional who can guide the individual through a customized treatment plan to address his or her specific areas of need.